The announcement we have all been waiting for....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!! We had the ultrasound today and things were pretty clear that we are having a healthy, happy boy! Boy #4 is on his way! When we told our boys, Matthew and Andrew were disappointed! I didn't know they had wanted a girl so badly, but Tim was relieved and I was okay with it all because now the numbers are even, bedrooms will work out, and deep down I think I like being the only girl in the family... until all those daughter-in-laws come along!


The tradition in our family now is that each kid gets 3 presents because that's how many Jesus got. But of course they got more from grandparents and friends. Thank you everyone who made our Christmas so special! Below are my most favorite 5 pictures out of the million I took!
Isaac loved his Radio Flyer Inchworm!
Lining up his new Hotwheels cars...

Matthew wanted a potion kit, so I bought him a little chemistry set. We had so much fun, but then I love stuff like that too! Add baking soda and citric acid and food coloring to water and you have a volcano! They boys thought that was so cool!!
Matthew and Andrew both got rollerblades from Santa and LOVED rolling around the house in them! Now they can be like daddy! Isaac felt left out, though, and putting Andrew's blades on, begged us to let him try too! He turned out to be a pro! I love his face in this pic!!
I had to include this video I took of Isaac rollerblading. It was unbelievable to me that he could even do it (my 5 year old was hesitant to try) so my voice is overly loud and excited, but he is just so dang cute! He trips a bit but gets it at the end and later that day does awesome.

Christmas Eve!!

Festive Christmas Dinner setting.

Christmas Robes I made. Isaac fell asleep Christmas Eve before I could give him his robe so he got his the next morning.
Acting out the Nativity scene was awesome! We almost skipped it because it was getting late, but my boys LOVED playing the different parts! After Santa came - the stockings were stuffed and all the presents stacked under the tree.

'Tis the season...

We had a Snow Day where school was even canceled so Matthew stayed home and we played all day in the snow! Tim built the boys a snowman, a snow fort and even a special message for me!
Isaac hated the snow until he realized it was edible...He seriously licked the snow for 15 minutes, thinking it was the coolest thing ever!
Tim's "snow message" is a tradition that started back at BYU when we were engaged. One day he "wrote" I LOVE REBECCA in the snow and it was there all winter! When the snow finally melted the grass was greener where it had been uncovered so even the grass read I LOVE REBECCA for a while! Now, every time it snows, I can expect a fun message like this in the snow. This time the kids helped with the fun surprise!
The kids decorated this gingerbread house from Betsy and Richard all by them selves! I built it, but they frosted and put the candies on and then enjoyed eating it after! Didn't they do an awesome job??
Cutting down our Christmas tree! My sis-in-law called and asked if we wanted to cut down a tree for Christmas - it was only $10 for a tree tag! So we sawed it down, brought it home and decorated it! The boys loved the adventure!

Fun Sewing Projects

Christmas Robes: Matthew, Andrew and Isaac (Isaac's has a hood)
Aprons for our friends Betsy and Richard.
Thanksgiving table cloth and place mat ( the place mat was a total experiment and turned out a little funny, but it put some color into the room).
This was really quick and fun to make for Andrew's friend who was having a birthday party. I found some scrap material to make the pillow and then covered it with a "No-sew" fleece project. Now my boys all want one!

2.5 Minute Christmas Video

I really enjoyed this video with the music and wonderful paintings of Mary and the baby Jesus. Every Christmas that I am expecting a baby, I feel extra close to Mary. This Christmas has not been different, as I am beginning to feel anxious for our baby to arrive. I can feel him/her kicking inside and my belly is getting bigger and this pregnancy is starting to feel "real" now. I am almost more excited for my ultrasound in 9 days than I am for Christmas! I'll be sure to let everyone know boy or girl on the 30th!

Officially Half Way!

I decided to check email, blog, etc. this morning when I woke up at 2am and couldn't sleep (again). I love the little widget on my blog that tells me how far along I am and how many days are left in this pregnancy - It is so fun for me, since I never had that before. I was always doing the math, counting weeks, etc. I have my ultrasound appointment on December 30th and will post Boy or Girl then!

So, I know I haven't updated in a while. I will post photos, etc, soon, but Christmas has just kept me so busy! I decided to make Christmas Eve robes for my boys, and having never done any real sewing before (like with a pattern) it has taken me a while to decipher sewing jargon. I'm just so grateful to my sis-in-law who got me started - took me with her to the fabric store and said, "See, here's how you pick out fabric, then you take it to the nice lady who cuts it for you, and then you go check out and pay for the fabric. Yes, you'll need thread, here it is over here..." Thank you Chelsea for being so patient with me and my never-ending questions! Oh yeah, and did I mention she has a 1 month old BABY? She truly is amazing!

I'll put pics of my finished projects later.

I hope all is well and everyone is having a great Christmas season! If I don't post before Christmas, then Merry Christmas! We love you all!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?