Hello Friends and Family!

Hello wonderful friends, family and even frequent visitors who know us through our blogging friends. Just wanted to let each one of you know that we will be changing to a private blog. I know there are many friends and family that look and don't comment, so I want to make sure you are included on my list to email. PLEASE email your email address so that I can make sure you are listed to view our little family blog.
The Clarksons

P.S. Thank you Mandy, for the above paragraph! :)

Coolest Neighborhood Ever

Last week we went to our block party and it was so much fun! We have some really cool neighbors and we got to put kids with their parents and names with faces, etc. It was awesome. Each neighbor either brought out a BBQ grill or something to entertain the kids with - this blow up slip and slide was so much fun! There is also a homemade TRAIN thing that one of the neighbors made that is pulled by a tractor! Andrew kept going around and around the court! He loved it!
Just a shot of some of the adults eating together.
The view from our front door. To the right is our bounce house that Tim's brother gave us because their kids grew out of it.

Little Swimmers!

Matthew and Andrew have not always liked swimming. However, we got them life jackets and they just took to the water! They were swimming every chance they got! However, we noticed they started to get dependent on the life jackets and wouldn't go in water unless they were on (probably a good thing!) So, we signed them up for swim lessons and they had a blast! Isaac and I took the "Parent/Tot" class at the same time and we all had fun! This swimming pool is indoor and so much fun! Plus, it's only about 4 blocks away from our house! This is a fun splash pad that is about a 5 minute drive away from our home. The cool thing is that it is free!! We went with cousins, but these pictures are from before the cousins got there. I forgot to take more pics.

Isaac loved the splash pad until he got wet....
He wouldn't let go of mommy's legs for a while!

Matt's 5th Birthday!

Okay, so I just realized I posted the pictures from the end to the beginning.... Oh, well, no time to change.

We went bowling for Matthew's birthday - Isaac loved the ball return. We had to watch him closely, though, as he wanted to put his hand inside and touch the spinning wheel! He also wanted to run to the end of the lane whenever he had a chance!Our bowling group - Aunt Carri, Aunt Pam, Uncle Barry, cousins Mitchell and Adam.

Matthew's breakfast in bed.
Matthew woke up at 6:00am on his birthday - before I did of course! Here he is prentending to be asleep in my bed while I go fix his breakfast.
Trying out the new scooters and gear.
Birthday Cake!! The cake I made him - he wanted "half land and half water" cake when he saw the different frosting animals at the store. So, this is what I came up with.
Birthday fun with the Andersons! They came, bearing many gifts, to visit us and take us out to lunch at the Burger Bar. It was a blast!
The cake Richard and Betsy brought for Matthew - Spiderman all the way!
Matthew got a cool shirt with the number 5 on it - because that's how old he is. It's his favorite shirt!
Andrew eating spiderman.
Matthew getting ready to eat the Green Goblin.

Funny Isaac Videos!

Isaac loves Tim's ipod! He sings right along and is super cute and funny! He is always being crazy and Matthew and Andrew love laughing at their silly brother!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?