It's official! We are moving!

One month ago the idea of moving was just that.... an idea. But about 2 weeks ago, we started looking seriously at homes in the St. George area since Tim was offered a job working with his brother Barry. Yesterday our offer was accepted on a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in Santa Clara, Utah (right outside of St. George) that is very close to 3 of Tim's siblings and their families, in a great neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac and 2 blocks from the elementary school where Matthew will be going to kindergarten in September! We close on the home March 21st and move in the middle of May, hopefully.
I thought I'd be more excited to move to the St. George area, but I feel really sad about leaving all the wonderful friends we have made here. I had it in my mind that Kanab would be our permanent home and had already imagined our boys graduating with the boys they went to nursery with. Well, that's life, I guess. Always something unexpected.

Isaac and Balloon

Isaac loved Andrew's birthday balloons!

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Party

Andrew's Spiderman Cake that was supposed to be a 2 layer cake....the bottom layer didn't make it in one piece out of the pan!
Andrew's little party with 2 neighbor friends.
Playing "Stick the candle on the cupcake."
Andrew's so happy with his present! Of course, spiderman everything!

Isaac's favorite things...

Isaac likes to "help" me unload the dishwasher....
He likes to climb up on the dishwasher and jump on the door when mom's not looking.....
He loves getting into the pantry and taking all the cans off the shelves... he likes trying to sweep, too....
But THIS is is favorite....taking all the books out of the bookshelf and then stepping on all the books! It's become Andrew's job to put all the books back so he's become the bookshelf guard...Isaac doesn't get near the bookshelf now!

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Breakfast in Bed

Family tradition is to serve breakfast in bed to the birthday person. Andrew requested that he be served pancakes with the letters of his name, so here they are! Here's a peek into our real lives... pajamas and all!

Fun In The Snow!

So much snow! The most in a long time! A picture of the view from our front door.

This picture is of our new, little pine tree in our backyard. My kids said it looks like a real Christmas tree!

Tim took the boys sledding on the golf course in our back yard. He had to pull them for a while before they got to the hill they were to sled down.

Our snowman who lived in our backyard a few short days.
Matthew making a snow angel.

Isaac's First Steps 3/4/08 at 9.5 mos

Isaac got a new toy from our friend Wael and loves to race around the house with its help!

Our Family Vacation to Mexico!

November 12-28 2007
This was the best family trip we have ever taken. Our boys still talk about it (now that it is March) and ask to go back often. Tim was able to work in the early mornings via his computer and then spent the days with us swimming, eating, touring and playing! His brother Barry's family and sister Carri were with us for one of the weeks and it was a blast hanging out with them.

The resort we stayed at was an all inclusive resort, meaning that the food, shuttle service, taxes, gratuities, specialty drinks, and non-motorized water sport equipment was included! It was so fun! You'll see the last slide is our 2 boys up to the bar, ordering their own virgin pina coladas!

Our favorite part of the trip was going to a place called Xcaret, an eco park. There was an underground river that went into tunnels and took us an hour to float through. We even took baby Isaac and he loved it! We loved the park so much (zoo animals, snorkeling, beaches, food and underground river) that we went back a second day!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?