Another photo by Chelsea.


Here is what we have been up to...

I started homeschool with Matthew last month, about 4 weeks ago, and it has been AWESOME! I am using the K12 program and the curriculum is unbelievable! Art is real art (learning about lines and how they create movement and mood) and History is so much fun learning about Nomads and Egypt and mummies that now Matthew wants to be an archeologist (which was my major for 2 semesters in college before changing to Health Science). Science, language arts, phonics, math, music and PE are all awesome too, I could go on and on, but if any of you are interested in it, LET ME KNOW! I'd love to go into more detail!

The coolest thing is that Andrew and Isaac get to join in on art, music, PE and some reading! Here they are doing an art lesson, making a print.

Levi has been such an amazing baby! He loves his baby toys and even though he was getting tired, didn't want to get out of his baby toy! So, he just fell asleep in it! So funny! He has red hair and blue eyes, is super chubby (weighing 20 lbs at 4 mos) and is such a great sleeper! He sleeps from 8pm to 5am, eats and then back to sleep until 8 am! He also takes 2 naps per day and is so happy and smiley! He also sleeps in his crib (my other 3 slept with me and would not sleep in their crib, so I didn't get good sleep)! He is awesome! He is getting his 2 bottom teeth and can roll over from back to stomach.
My sister in law is going into photography and took some AWESOME pictures of my boys! Here is a funny one of Isaac who would not smile for anything! We'll have to try again next time! Don't you just love his rolls?

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?