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Key highlights of the last 6 months of family life. For some reason I was feeling too overwhelmed to blog, but now, as my boys have gotten older, life is not so overwhelming and I have a minute to myself. YAY!

Below you will find: Birthdays, Bosler Reunion, Funny Boys, Camping Trip, First Day of School, Bahamas Vacation and Playing in the Rain.

Isaac's 3rd birthday! (Notice the TV and stand in the background... not something I'd normally point out, but it's a before shot to my new entertainment center picture below).

New Entertainment Center! My aunt Kendra bought this for me off and then I stained it to match! Much better!
Matthew's 7th Birthday. I really can't believe I have a seven-year-old. WOW. He is so wonderful and I love having him as my oldest. He is so smart and mature. I love having real conversations with him.

We went to the community center pool to celebrate Matthew's birthday. Isaac had so much fun he fell asleep! He really cracks me up. Isaac is so funny and does the craziest things.Matthew lost his 5th tooth on his birthday! So cool for a seven-year-old.

Bosler Family Reunion at Deer Springs Ranch in So. Utah. We had SO MUCH FUN!!

Tim and I slept with all the kids.... yeah, we're the old married couple now!My mom surprised me with a wedding book she made for me on Heritage Makers! What a wonderful present. I haven't had a wedding book all these years, and now I have a beautiful one. I love it that my mom made it because she knew which pictures would have meaning to me. I love how the book has professional and candid photos. So wonderful. Thanks mom!
Summer! My kids live on popsicles in the summer. Here's Levi having his 3rd that day!

I love Isaac's eyes!
And Levi's eyes! I seriously think all the boys in my life have such gorgeous eyes! I'm glad the boys took after their daddy with such long, dark eyelashes! So dreamy! Levi LOVES the garden hose in this St. George heat. (We are probably washing off the popsicle mess!)
We went camping for a weekend, just our little family, at Deer Springs Ranch. We love that place. It's Tim's dad's ranch and it is so peaceful there. Our boys had a blast. This next pic is for my siblings.... we took a picture like this when we were little, haha!

I LOVE this kid! Isaac is posing outside of a real log cabin from the 1800's. I think it's called the Shumway cabin? Any way, real pioneers settled and lived in this very cabin. I stood in the middle of it and wondered how they really survived? I am so amazed by our ancestors, what they went through and how hard they worked to just survive, every day. We are so blessed.Cute boys in a pretty place.
First Day of School! Isaac is off to preschool. It's a joy school type preschool that 4 of my friends and I are doing. We rotate teaching preschool once per week at our homes. It is awesome and I love it. Isaac loves it too! And my friends are my neighbors, so Isaac just walks down a couple of houses all by himself, like he is so big!

Matt's 1st day.

Andy's 1st day.Matt's 1st day..... Again! Yup, they switched schools. They got into a charter school, after the public school already started. They were such troopers to switch after a month in, but I can't say better things about the school they are going to now! It's amazing and I'm so happy they are there! Vista pride!

Here's Andy in his Vista uniform.
Here I am being domestic. My wonderful friend, Paige, taught me how to bottle peaches! The church orchard had extras we could go pick for FREE, so my other wonderful friend, Allyson, and I (with our families) went and picked a couple hundred pounds of peaches.... each! Paige also taught me how to can chicken and I had so much fun doing that, too! It's so fun to learn something new.
My adorable "babies". They aren't really babies anymore. :(
Tim's 32nd birthday. I always make him pineapple upside down cake. I made this cake for him when we were dating and now it's tradition. We took Tim's birthday to a new park the boys had never been to before.
Our 10 year anniversary Bahamas Cruise! Tim earned a cruise for being in the top 10 at work (the Diamond Club) and we had SO MUCH FUN! I was so scared I was going to miss our kids, and I did.... for about an hour! My mom flew out to watch them for 5 days while we had so much fun together and with his awesome friends from work! Below is a pic taken on the bus, after landing in Florida. About to board the ship!
At the Atlantis hotel and waterpark!
At the "captain's dinner" on the cruise ship. I have my adopted mom, Betsy, to thank for the great wardrobe. She took me shopping a month or so before the cruise so I would have cute stuff to wear! Seriously, she is amazing. I am so grateful to have the best friends and family one could ever have.
Levi loves riding this toy horse that is in our backyard. Sometimes he rocks back and forth so hard I'm scared he's going to get hurt or fall! Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks off??Playing in a warm summer rain.

Well, that's all for now! If you made it this far, you are a true friend! More recent things have happened, but that's for another post.

Levi Takes the Cake

Happy 5th birthday Andrew!

Andrew wanted a 5-layer cake, so here it is!

Painted House

My Grandma is wonderful!

Here is my bathroom, all painted a pretty green!
Beautiful Cajun Red in family room (same as kitchen)
Yellow in home school room.
Yellow in hall.

Family Picture WallMy Grandma is such a hard worker and so much fun! Love you Grandma!

Oh! The Horror!!!!!

I'll bet no one has a picture like this! Because, if you find your child playing in the toilet, you don't leave to go get your camera! Well, my camera was in my hand, and after jumping around and screaming "Oh my gosh" a few times, I took the picture, then soaped Levi down , praying the whole time he wouldn't get sick! What a cute face though!

Do you have a girl age 8-12?

I have a book recommendation for you! (Mostly Cassondra and Jamie Sue, but anyone else as well). Even if your daughter doesn't want to read this series on her own, I'm sure she wouldn't object to staying up 30 minutes later per night to hear you read it to her! I am aching to have a girl. Boys are just different, and not into romantic, girly novels.

The books are by Melissa Wiley. They are Historical Fiction and for ages 8-12, but I couldn't put them down. There are 4 books in each series, "The Martha Years" and "The Charlotte Years" and then there are 7 books in "The Caroline Years" but they are by a different author, Celia Wilkins.

THEY ARE SO GOOD! Talk about virtuous, lovely and praiseworthy material and it will get the girls thinking about how they really want to be and who they are. It will also provide great conversations between you and your daughters. I'll bet you can find them at your library. If I had a daughter, I would buy them and have them available during those long summer months when they have "nothing to do".

Pictures by Chelsea

Cute Boys! Can I just say it is soooooooooooooo hard to get all 4 cooperating at the same time?My favorite Levi smile! This is his face 90% of the day! So fun!
Levi 8 mos old - picture for my wall
Look at Isaac's funny face! I love this!

Thank you Chelsea!

Poo Cake in my New Kitchen

Isaac is successful at potty training! Good Job Isaac!This is his special "poo" cake! Can you tell we are a family of boys? Kristen, don't you thing Sis. Hom would have found this appalling? HaHa! This cake was promised but not delivered until two weeks after that promise - yes, it took him 2 weeks to finally go in the potty! So, by the time it was "poo" cake day, I was out of eggs! I had heard you can put pureed beans in brownies instead of the oil, so I thought, why not cake? After all, it is a "poo" cake, so if it tastes gross, the kids will like licking off the frosting and we will throw the rest away. With much reservation, I added in some pureed beans to the chocolate cake box mix, added a cup of frozen zucchini (pureed also) from last years garden, and put in 1 cup of buttermilk that was going to waste.... and it was the best tasting cake we have ever eaten!!!!!! I wrote the recipe down because it was so amazing and so now I have shared it with you all!

My Grandma and Grandpa came to St. George to get out of the cold Northern Utah weather! We love having them come visit!So, when my Grandma walked into my home, she said, "I love your home, but it needs some color!" So, here's before.......

Here's after! My Grandma is amazing! She is 73 and did almost all of it! I love having her here for a whole month!FYI
Poo Cake Recipe

1 chocolate cake box mix
1 can white beans, drained and rinsed and pureed
1 c grated zucchini, pureed
1/2 - 1 c buttermilk

Mix all together and bake according to package directions! Frost when cooled! Add chopped walnuts or crushed candy canes to add if you want!

The 5000 Year Leap

And another "must read"! I think that all Americans should read this book and recommend it more highly than "Common Sense". This book is called "The Five Thousand Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen and it's AMAZING! Really, everybody go to your library or order it on Amazon and READ THIS BOOK!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?