October/November update

My cute boys ready for trick or treating on Halloween! Tim was Clark Kent - he really is my Superman!
My awesome Grandparents were here visiting!!! It was so cool because both Tim and I were able to go trick or treating with the boys while my Grandparents passed out candy. And they were so much fun to hang out with and chat with. Last time my Grandma was here she helped me paint my house. This time, I helped her make a digital scrapbook! It was so fun and she picked up on it so quickly!! We used, just in case you were wondering.
Here was our "Spooky Dessert" I made for us on Halloween. (Ok, this was actual Halloween. Our neighborhood, being in Utah and 90% Mormon, celebrated Halloween on Saturday night. So we had our "Spooky Dinner" on Sunday, real Halloween.) Isaac was really disgusted and freaked out that I would serve dirt and weeds for dessert! Really, it was ice cream, with crumbled cookies on top. The "weeds" were chives. :) It was a fun night!
Allyson and Shari, please don't hate me for posting this picture! These two ladies are such amazing friends, neighbors and running buddies! At first we were walking buddies, but Allyson found an app on her iTouch that got us running a 5k! The app was called "From Couch Potato to 5k" just FYI. We ran our 5k on November 6th. It was so much fun and Tim was a great cheerleader! This was also the last day that Tim was in Utah! He was offered a temporary job move to Pittsburgh, PA for 4 months and he left that night.
My awesome cheerleaders!

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and boy did Tim and I get a LOT of family time in! Tim flew back into town for a 4-day whirlwind weekend! We drove up to Provo to be with my family, pictured below. It was so great to see everyone and loved being together! My parents also spoiled my kids with all of my little brother Tyler's toys that he has grown out of. My kids were on cloud 9!
Then we drove to Kanab on Friday to be with Tim's family for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary! Tim is #9 out of 11 kids, so there are a lot of us. It's like "Where's Waldo" in this picture! But it was a lot of fun again and great to see everybody.
Tim left Sunday morning to fly back to PA. :( Here the boys and I are raking the front yard leaves. It was such a nice day and I wanted to get it done before we left for Pittsburgh (we joined Tim on December 17th). The boys had so much fun raking leaves! They were such great helpers. In the days before we left for Pittsburgh, my boys did up to 9 chores each day (before and after school!!) I'm amazed at how they were just able to step up and CHEERFULLY help me get ready for our trip, since I had no husband to help out. Kids are much more capable than we think they are. Matthew even did things like vacuum out the car! (Muahahaha! Now I know what he can really do!)
Check out Levi's face. I LOVE this little guy and all his hearty laughs and giggles!

That's all for now. I will post Christmas and Pittsburgh in the future, but the kids need me. :)

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?