Happy 5th birthday Andrew!

Andrew wanted a 5-layer cake, so here it is!

Painted House

My Grandma is wonderful!

Here is my bathroom, all painted a pretty green!
Beautiful Cajun Red in family room (same as kitchen)
Yellow in home school room.
Yellow in hall.

Family Picture WallMy Grandma is such a hard worker and so much fun! Love you Grandma!

Oh! The Horror!!!!!

I'll bet no one has a picture like this! Because, if you find your child playing in the toilet, you don't leave to go get your camera! Well, my camera was in my hand, and after jumping around and screaming "Oh my gosh" a few times, I took the picture, then soaped Levi down , praying the whole time he wouldn't get sick! What a cute face though!

Do you have a girl age 8-12?

I have a book recommendation for you! (Mostly Cassondra and Jamie Sue, but anyone else as well). Even if your daughter doesn't want to read this series on her own, I'm sure she wouldn't object to staying up 30 minutes later per night to hear you read it to her! I am aching to have a girl. Boys are just different, and not into romantic, girly novels.

The books are by Melissa Wiley. They are Historical Fiction and for ages 8-12, but I couldn't put them down. There are 4 books in each series, "The Martha Years" and "The Charlotte Years" and then there are 7 books in "The Caroline Years" but they are by a different author, Celia Wilkins.

THEY ARE SO GOOD! Talk about virtuous, lovely and praiseworthy material and it will get the girls thinking about how they really want to be and who they are. It will also provide great conversations between you and your daughters. I'll bet you can find them at your library. If I had a daughter, I would buy them and have them available during those long summer months when they have "nothing to do".

Pictures by Chelsea

Cute Boys! Can I just say it is soooooooooooooo hard to get all 4 cooperating at the same time?My favorite Levi smile! This is his face 90% of the day! So fun!
Levi 8 mos old - picture for my wall
Look at Isaac's funny face! I love this!

Thank you Chelsea!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?