Isaac's 1 year old pictures!

I took Isaac in for his free Kiddie Kandids birthday 8x10 and ended up spending way too much money - but I had so much fun! He was so happy and was just a perfect picture taker! I love how his baby hair curls above his ears, but now it's time for a haircut.... soon. I just can't get myself to cut his hair because then he will look like a big boy and not a baby any more!

For moms, grandmas, etc. who want a picture of this adorable baby, go to:
and you can order pictures. Click on the View Artistic Creations link to get the cute collages.

My 26th Birthday!

Matthew helped Tim make me a WONDERFUL breakfast in bed! My birthday present was this, the beautiful flowers and of course, the new house! :)My sister-in-law, Chelsea, surprised me with a delicious chocolate cake, made from scratch! Even the frosting. I think I ate half myself and it was the best ever! Two candles because I'm still in my 20's. The cake was so moist and delicious, that a part of it fell off on the way over! Thanks Chelsea! You are awesome!

Our family with John (Tim's brother) and daughter Kylie. We all are enjoying my birthday cake. This was such a great day.

New Home Slideshow!

Isaac's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to Isaac! He loved his present from his big brothers.Isaac's nutritious birthday breakfast.

Isaac loves his animal train puzzle from Aunt Pam!

Aunt Pam showing Isaac how his toy can be put back together.
Isaac's total lack of interest in his cake! We are at Barry and Pam's house with their 4 boys.

How Isaac's birthday ended up for him. He really didn't want his cake and then fell trying to get away from it. So sad, but this is his birthday picture. The mangled cake is not from him, but from big brothers and cousins tasting. :)

Mother's Day

The day before Mother's Day Tim was feeling really sick, so Aunt Carri (Tim's sister) took the boys to the Dollar Store to pick out things to give me. It was so cute! She told me that Matthew said "Girls like dolls" and searched the whole store for a doll! She was going to let them pick whatever they wanted, but a lady in the store told them that moms like lotions, etc. So then they spent time smelling all the lotions and found the best one for me! Andrew said, "My mom likes chocolate" and bought me a package of chocolate covered cookies! Yum! He was right! I also got a cute note from Tim and the boys and had a great Mother's Day! In this picture we were still at Barry and Pam's, in their guest room.

Isaac giving hugs!

Here is Isaac giving hugs to Matthew. The age difference between these two really makes them buddies. They don't fight and Matthew loves taking care of Isaac and making him smile.
I just had to add the below picture: If you look closely at his forehead, there are 5 bruises in kind of an island formation! I thought his bruises looked like the Hawiian Islands! :)

Isaac's Birthday Lunch at Burger Bar

Betsy and Richard Anderson came to visit us for Isaac's Early Birthday celebration! Below the boys are growling like bears because they were given cute bear shirts and caps for Isaac's birthday!Isaac loves his cute frog hat!
Yummy lunch! Thanks Richard and Betsy for the wonderful day! We had lunch, played at the park and then Betsy and I took a couple of hours to go shopping while the guys watched the kids.
Isaac dancing to the music at the Burger Bar.

Worldmark Condo

This condo was our home for the last 10 days and it was awesome! We got our stuff out of suitcases and into dressers and relaxed the days away! This is our living room.Andrew eating a yogurt and showing off our kitchen.
View of our fireplace and balcony. There was also our bedroom with a King bed, a bathroom, and the kids slept on a Murphy bed in the living room.
The boys playing in the baby the background is part of the main pool and the hot tub. There was also one other main pool and hot tub in another part of the condo complex.
Matthew and Andrew and cousin Mitchell under the waterfall in the main pool. We went swimming almost every day! The pool water was warm and we had a blast!
Now we are back with Barry and Pam's family which is tons of fun and only 12 more days until we move into our new home!! Yay!!

7 stitches!!

Isaac received 7 stitches in one finger from pulling a nightstand over on himself. He was reaching into the drawer to get a flashlight and ended up in urgent care. It was so sad! Tim was at work (right by the urgent care) so I loaded up the three boys and met him there, Isaac and I covered in blood. Isaac was such a trooper and even gave the doctor a smile when the stitches and x-rays were over. His bandaged hand is below. Two fingers were scratched, one had the skin peeled off so just needed a bandaid for 5 days and the other finger had the 7 stitches. His hand was bandaged like this and he got good a pinching things between his 4 bandaged fingers and free thumb! He enjoyed waving at people with his bandaged hand. So funny!

Isaac's shades

Hey, Mom! I look cool!
Should I put them on my head?
How about on my nose?
My foot?
Enough pictures, mom. I'm out of here.

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?