Bag Tag...Finally!

I was tagged by Cassondra about a month ago, and finally got around to dumping my diaperbag/purse and taking a picture!How embarrassing! The rules are that you can't clean it before, so you even get the crumbs from the bottom of the bag! I should have weighed my bag before, but I swear it weighed more than my baby!

Okay, so my diaper bag is at the top left, and then...
Random papers/bills
Last Sunday's church program
Water bottle
Library book list
Cough syrup
2 Infant Tylenol bottles
Spare underwear for Andrew
Phone charger
3 oranges (snack for the park)
Plastic bag full of crumbled animal crackers
A piece of blank paper
Airplane boarding passes
Peppermint herbal tea bag
1 sugar free candy
Isaac's sandals
Matthew's wrestling singlet I need to return
Andrew's drawing
Some boy toys (Patrick, Darth Vader, Spiderman)
Check book
2 smarties
2 gumdrops
Plastic bag full of dried apricots and Trix cereal
5 kids socks (one pair even matches!)
Car keys
Box of crayons
6 pens
Hand sanitizer
2 Hydricortizone cream tubes (for my 2 eczema boys)
2 packages of wipes
Pile of crumbled graham crackers from the bottom of the bag
Envelopes with my budgeted monthly income inside
Pile of garbage
2 nursing pads
1 diaper!
Yes, only one diaper in the diaper bag! Now there is much less in there and it is once again organized! Yay!

Living in St. George

I think our last name should be "Hobo"or "Traveler" or "Wanderer" instead of Clarkson! We have lived in four different places and I am so done living out of suitcases!! We still have another month of it, however, until we move into new home on May 19th.

Tim's brother and his family have been so nice to let us live with them this last week. We were in a one bedroom apartment type hotel and had just had enough after 2 and a half weeks of it. Isaac was so funny, showing his dislike of the hotel by refusing to walk while we were living there! When ever we visited someone in their home, he would be cheerful and walk all around, but as soon as we got back to our hotel, he became whiny, and took up crawling again!

Here we are watching the Saturday Conference session in the kitchen/living room part of our hotel. Then there are two beds and a bathroom in the bedroom.
So, it wasn't that bad, but I just think babies and toddlers need space!
Here is Isaac now that he doesn't have "baby depression"!

Tim's brother and his wife have four boys, so living at their home is paradise for my kids! They just play all day and can't wait for their cousins to get home from school to play with them! My sister-in-law and I have been taking turns making dinner, so that has been really awesome - less cooking!

Their family is so much fun and we are so grateful that they are so generous and kind to us!

Isaac enjoying California's produce

Isaac was playing with this orange like it was a ball. The next thing I knew, I looked over and he had bitten through the side of the orange and was sucking out the juice! I didn't have the heart to take it away and let him enjoy his tasty mess.

Isaac enjoying an orange live...

He was sure thirsty!

Matthew's Dental Visit

Matthew had a surprise for all of us - a HUGE cavity that turned into a pulpotomy (a rootcanal on a baby tooth!) Good thing my dad is a wonderful dentist and saved us lots of money and time - again! At Christmas time, Matthew had 3 cavities and he cut his head above his eyebrow, which my dad stitched up perfectly. I swear, a plastic surgeon couldn't have done a better job. However, in between 2 back teeth was a cavity hiding, that surfaced this time, so back into the dental chair he went! Matthew being so brave - he didn't even cry!! He just watched Sponge Bob the whole time.

My sister, Brooke, assisting, and Tim encouraging Matthew.

Hike at Pina Adobe Park in CA

We went on a beautiful hike with my mom, Matthew and Andrew and my little brother Tyler. It was beautiful and perfect weather! I sure miss the green being here in the red rock desert! A different kind of beauty, I guess!
Pretty pink blossoms

Tyler, Andrew and Matthew playing in the yellow flowers.

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?