Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac!

Happy Birthday Isaac! Yay, you are two!! Here he is opening his present!Cool car and race track!
Isaac's breakfast in bed - What a sweetheart, sharing his ice cream with his big brothers!
"Mmmmmmm....this is going to be good!"
To "Pirate Island Pizza" to celebrate! Here are our servers, dressed as pirates.
Little Pirates Play Area - They had a mini rock climbing wall and Isaac had a blast with that!
Fun at the arcades! - Oops, the ball flew off the track!
All the boys had so much fun at Isaac's birthday dinner. Matthew and Andrew loved it that they had tokens to play games and then tickets came out to cash in for prizes. (Kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's). Tim loved it too, and the boys "talked" him into buying more tokens!

A note about Isaac:
Many of you know what a challenge Isaac has been for me. He has been super driven, stubborn, mischievous and busy for the last 15 months! (I mean, what 1 year old can open any door, unlock any lock and even take the child-safety knob off the door??) However, since the baby has been born, he has really started to grow up. He is much more obedient, and enjoys playing with his brothers now. He talks better now too, which really helps with our communication. Thanks to everyone who has kept Isaac and me in their prayers!

Some of Isaac's Favorite things:
Isaac is a great trampoline jumper
He loves "baby lee-fi"
He loves sharing a room with his big brothers
He loves playing with his "guys" (action figures)
He loves building with legos
He loves running
He is very strong
He loves shoes
He picks out his own clothes (scary!!)
He loves going on rides in the stroller
He loves going on drives in "daddy's truck"
He loves fruit and veggies (this guy is not a picky eater!)
He loves giving hugs and kisses
He loves trying to count things
He loves animals, especially dogs
He loves teasing his brothers
He loves basketball
He loves wearing hats
He is very adventurous and a natural climber
We Love you buddy!!!

Random pics

Levi's first car rideTim's mom visiting us on Mother's day
Our "Golden Boy" - Look at that beautiful hair!
Matt's Kindergarten Graduation - Matt and his best friend McGuyver
Isn't he handsome? (This is a picture of a picture) Congrats Matthew! On to first grade!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?