A week of firsts

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in forever! I have finally put away the last few boxes and have moved on to fixing up our home. I pulled out all the nails in the walls from the previous owners, spackled all the holes and am ready to touch up paint. I also stained the front door and the shutters outside a couple of windows dark brown. It looks awesome, I'll have to post some pictures. I am also going to stain the mantle and a picture frame soon as well- I'll get pictures of everything and post later. The days are just super busy!
Another reason I have been busy is I switched to cloth diapers!! Can you believe it??? I still can't! I did it for economical reasons, but there are a ton of people who swear by cloth diapers for a million different reasons! I did some research online and there are people obsessed with cloth diapers, who have their own websites, etc! It's amazing! It's actually not as bad as I thought and I save $50 per month that I can spend on other stuff (another hair cut?). There are some people who use cloth wipes, but I'm not about to go that far! It's kind of like non-stop potty training, but no reading stories while you wait with your child on the toilet or bribing with treats, etc. Just the cleaning out the poopy pants and doing an extra load of laundry twice a week. Okay, I just re-read what I wrote and it sounds bad, but it's not that bad, really.

The last 2 weeks have been a week of firsts for me:
First time ever using cloth diapers
First time ever sewing a cloth diaper (I did it by hand and it took me 3 hours... I really need a sewing machine!) And notice, I only sewed one, the rest were some my mom made for me when I was a baby (they even have cute pink stitching!) and then 3 someone gave me to use for burp cloths when Matthew was a baby.
First time ever baking bread that has turned out
First time ever spackling a hole in the wall
First time ever buying a paint brush and paints
First time ever painting/staining anything
First time ever doing sharing time in primary (I teach the Valiant 9 class and we were in charge of class sharing time)
First time hiking "Angel's Landing" at Zion's National Park! (We took our kids thinking we'd only do the first half mile or so and they wanted to go the whole way! 4 miles! Andrew got tired after 2 so Tim carried him, but Matthew was like a hiking machine and hiked all the way up to the top by himself! This is totally a grown up hike and I was so sore I could barely move for 2 days....the boys were all fine, of course!)

So, that's what I've been up to! I'm going to switch over to a private blog eventually, but not right away. That's at the bottom of my project list for now, so I'll get to it when I get to it!


Mikayla said...

Wow! You are amazing Rebecca! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jake and Cassondra said...

Rebecca, you are seriously my hero! I need to be so much more brave at trying new things and here you are making so much of yourself developing talents. I think you are incredible and it's just another reason that I love and admire you!! Congratulations on all of your firsts!! You should be SO PROUD of yourself!

A few thoughts:

First, you are THE WOMAN for making the switch to cloth diapers. I can not say enough how awesome I think that you are for doing that!

Second, YAY FOR YOUR BREAD TURNING OUT!! I'm still waiting for that first.

Third, I can't wait to see pictures of your house and all the projects you did. Good for you!

Forth, Angels Landing sounds beautiful! What a fun day with your family!

And finally, a huge thank you for your comment about TV on my blog!! It's got me even more pumped up and hopeful that I can be successful. I really appreciated hearing your thoughts and excitement, etc.

You are so wonderful and I am eternally thankful to have you as my friend! (I know it's all kind of mushy but I probably don't tell you enough!)


Whitney Lowe said...

We rarely talk but it has been great to be able to frequent your blog, you have such a great family! If you make the move to a private blog, please send me an invite, Thanks!

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