Fun weekend with friends

Our wonderful friends, Cassondra, Jake, Brooklyn and Brielle, from Las Vegas came to visit 2 weekends ago and we had so much fun! I wish they could be our neighbors, but we'll have to settle for 2 hours away.

Cassondra and I went to High School together and were in the same ward since I was 12. She was the inspiration for my new hair style.We went to the St. George temple Saturday morning and enjoyed the temple grounds as well as the visitor center. They stayed 2 nights and 2 days but I hardly got any pictures! Sad! We went swimming, too, and I forgot my camera! I didn't get any pictures of the " grown-ups" - I had to steal the one above from Cassondra's blog.

Where is Andrew's shirt?? What kind of mother....
Matthew, Brooklyn, Andrew and Brielle. Andrew and Brielle were born on the exact same day! Brooklyn is a few months older than Matthew even though she looks like a whole year or two older! What cute kids!


Jake and Cassondra said...

We had the best time with your family!!! But it was way too short of a trip to fill my "Clarkson bucket". We'll have to get together again soon. I love being around you and your family! Thanks for having us!

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?