Every kid has their "make-up" picture... is Isaac's! He thought he was really funny!He's a little more serious after getting in trouble... Maybe switching mom's lip gloss applicator and mascara applicator wasn't such a great idea...

He obviously had no clue where mascara is supposed to go, but he did know what he wanted - to be a man!! Look at that beard! He knew what he was doing!

Isaac often surprises me with what he can do. Here he built this tall tower all by himself! This was a good thing, but he has also figured out how to open doors, unlock doors and even unlock the deadbolt on our front door! He also has figured out how to use a barstool to reach things he wants (all the bandaids, pantry snacks, his brother's special toys, etc.) and even can open the van door all by himself (Andrew just barely figured this out) and lock everyone out so he can push the buttons and laugh at me through the window (when he's finished, he unlocks the door and lets himself out!) Yes, he is super busy but he is so much fun too!

Check out this cowboy below!Here he is just out of the bath! He decided it was his turn to go to Matthew's school, so he put on Matthew's jacket-vest and backpack and tried running out the door! It seems he thinks he is as big as the older boys, but he doesn't turn 2 until next month!

Back in my comfort zone

When we went to Vacaville a month ago for my brother's baptism, we celebrated Andrew's 4th birthday again, among other things. One of those things was going to our favorite Dentist and getting our teeth worked on. Okay, he's my dad!

Below is a picture of Matthew getting an exam done on his teeth by his Grandpa! We found 9 cavities! (He definitely has Tim's teeth!) My dad looked at me and asked, "Do you remember how to do fillings?" Since it had been 8 years since I had done anything like this, I was nervous to dental assist again, but after the first filling, it was like riding a bike! Matthew had to get shots, and was really freaking out. It was so sad to see him so upset. My dad asked if I wanted to give him a sedative, and I felt like I was the one who needed it! So, my dad gave him something to relax him a little, and it totally worked, but he was so goofy! He started doing weird things like a person on drugs! It was hard not to laugh! Here is a picture of his goofy face, all numb.
Here's Andrew getting his teeth "counted". No cavities!
That afternoon and evening was supposed to be Andrew's birthday party, but Matthew's fillings took so long and he was so loopy, that it wasn't the party my mom planned, but Andrew still had SO much fun!

This poster was stuck to our door when we arrived at my Mom's house in the middle of the night. Andrew was so surprised and loved it!
Do you see why Andrew calls my mom his "Candy-girl"? They are so sweet together and have very similar personalities. I love this picture below.
Here Andrew is getting ready to blow the candles out on his cake! Look at that deep breath!
Does the birthday boy look happy or what??? I love his grin!
My little bro Tyler and Andrew playing at the park. This park is special because it is called "Andrew's Park" so we have to go play at it every time we visit!
Here's my big 4-year-old! He has sure been awesome lately! No more meltdowns (almost), super obedient and helpful, loves learning and playing with friends. He has been so easy and wonderful since he has turned 4 - there is something wonderful about this age!

My Brother's Baptism and a real Pregnant picture!

I have a brother, Tyler, who just turned 8 years old! (My mom was pregnant at my wedding!!) We drove all night, 11 hours, to spend 3 days in CA visiting my family and attending his baptism. My awesome Grandma Thomas flew from Provo, so I got to see her, as well as my Uncle Brandon and his cute family. I also got to see my Aunt Lori and my Grandpa Bosler.
The Baptism was wonderful. My family sang a song and I was a little bit nervous about that because my 2 boys were supposed to sing the first verse as a duet! They had it memorized, but weren't really ever on tune while practicing. However, when it was "show time" they totally nailed it and sounded awesome! It was so cute, I wish we had it on video!

Here are my 3 cute boys with their G'pa and G'ma Bosler.Four Generation picture:
G'ma Thomas, my mom, me and Isaac.
Three generation pic with the boys:
G'pa Bosler, my dad, (my brother Tyler), and my 3 boys. My boys love their Uncle Tyler!
Me and my Aunt Jennilyn, both due on April 30th with boys! She married my Uncle Brandon who is 4.5 years older than me and our kids are the same ages. This is her first boy, though. Isn't she so cute?


I have 4 new posts below, all are Andrew's 4th birthday. He was so spoiled and got 4 birthday parties! Mom, you need to send me the pics from when we were at your house so I can post them!

We love the Andersons!

Betsy and Richard Anderson came from Kanab to celebrate Andrew's Birthday! They brought us our favorite lunch "El Pollo Loco" (our kids love eating "Crazy Chicken") and super yummy cupcakes!
Andrew loves his presents! Spiderman!!!
I think this is his 4th cupcake??....
Family picture! The cupcakes were so yummy the boys had a hard time looking at the camera for one second!
I included this pic so you could see how big I'm getting. I need to take a "pregnant belly" pic, but they are so depressing I keep putting it off! :)

Thank you Richard and Betsy! You guys are awesome! Andrew wears his Dinosaur shirt almost every day!

Andrew's Family Party

Look at all those handsome Clarkson cousins!Grandma and Grandad Clarkson came from Kanab to celebrate with us! We were so glad to see them!
Andrew opening presents from his Aunt and Uncle.
Grandad made him a special hat from the tissue paper.

Andrew's Breakfast in bed

Andrew's Birthday Presents from Grandma!
Isaac loves to cook - here he is helping with Andrew's breakfast pancakes.
Here he is "helping" me with Andrew's frosting for his cake.
He is so funny! He's licking the bottom of the bowl!

Andrew's 4th Birthday

We had a Western/Cowboy theme for Andrew's birthday party. All he wanted was a vest, hat and boots!Playing "Duck Duck Goose" in between cake and presents
Brothers faces full of cake!
All the kids and their cupcakes!
Our little "Cowboy". He got his vest, hat and boots as well as lots of other fun toys from friends and cousins.

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?