Update on me.

I have been feeling a lot better the last 2-3 days! Yay! It is so great to be able to get up and get dressed with out being so exhausted I have to lay back down! Or to be able to drive myself somewhere or to be able to go to the store without throwing up in the parking lot!

I had my second Doctor appointment today and everything is going well. I actually have lost 1 pound because I have been sick, which has never happened before! Usually I gain and gain and gain, so we will see how that goes. In 8 weeks they will do the ultrasound, even though in one week they could tell if I am having a boy or girl. I miss my Kanab doctor who did ultrasounds for free just to find out the sex of the baby and then the real one later! Oh well, that's life in a bigger, less personal city I guess, even though I do thing my Doctor is great. My appointment was at 8am and he had already delivered 2 babies that morning! Talk about busy!

My Relief Society at church is doing a "read the book of mormon in 60 days" challenge (because that's how long it took Joseph Smith to translate it, when he wasn't hiding and running from mobs) and it's been awesome. There definitely is a power in that book and there is no way that he just made it up. I know it every time I read it that it truly is ancient scripture, just like the Bible.
One of the things we are to do is circle how many times it says Christ, or any of his other names and also underline his attributes. Every page talks of Christ - it is amazing! I never realized how much the book testifies of Him! And, at this time of politics and trying to figure out where I stand on some issues, a lot of my questions have been answered by this powerful book. Some days when I was so sick, this is the only thing that got me through the day without feeling totally depressed and worthless. It's been wonderful!

So, that's some of what I've been thinking and doing lately! Oh, yeah, and cleaning up 10-20 of Isaac's random messes every day! Today it's been all my sewing pins and all the loose papers in Tim's journal (and it's only 10am). Yesterday the big one was my moisturizer painted on my mirror with my blush brush (totally ruined). Oh yeah, and the crayon all over the walls and hard wood floor and fireplace (I don't know how he found a tiny piece of broken green crayon, but he did). And I could go on and on, but you get the picture! And this all happens in the matter of 3 minutes when I go to get something for Andrew or answer the phone or something!

The next 2 posts are more interesting with pictures and stuff.


This year, Halloween was really fun, but kept pretty simple due to me being so sick. We didn't really decorate and I forgot to take a picture of the one pumpkin we carved, but we did do some fun things thanks to good friends and family. Thanks so much Betsy and Richard for the cute haunted Halloween gingerbread castle! We had so much fun decorating it and the boys had a blast eating it a few days later! You guys are so awesome!

Matthew's Kindergarten had a parade. Here is is class!

Matthew in the parade as Dash from the Incredibles!Isaac being his same old grouchy self! He was done watching the parade!

We had a really fun neighborhood Halloween party at 5:00 on Halloween evening! It was awesome! It was potluck and my kids got a healthy dinner before trick-or-treating! And they loved it because they got to dress up and see all their friends in their costumes. I hope this becomes a tradition! Isaac wouldn't wear his Batman mask, to Tim was the top half of his costume!

Matthew's lost his first tooth!

Matthew had been wiggling his lower tooth for weeks and one afternoon, I asked him if he wanted to pull out his own tooth! I didn't act excited about it, just kind of take it or leave it, even though I was super excited inside!Any way, he said, "Sure." So, I got a piece of floss and tied it carefully around his tooth. I wrapped the other end around his finger and said, "Now just pull your hand quickly down past your knees." And he did it! He was awesome!
I asked him if it hurt and he said, "No, but this blood is freaking me out a little." I laughed and got him a rolled up tissue he could bite on for a second. Seriously, I love having brave, logical, undramatic boys.
So, there it is! The tooth fairy came that night and gave him a dollar and a peso! :)

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?