Just my life

So, I have 9 weeks left until I have this baby and all is going really well. The ultrasound was great, my weight and blood pressure are right on and so is the size of the baby. I know it's been a long time since I have posted anything but I have just been trying to get my house organized to get ready for this baby! I know there are a lot of super moms out there who can do anything, but until my baby is six months or so, I can't get anything done! (All I do is nurse, change diapers, walk around like a zombie in pajamas and hope no one comes to the door!) So I need everything so be organized before the baby comes so I can stay sane!

We had super fun friends, the Hazembullers, come stay with us for 2 days and they brought their 2 cute kids! Their baby was 3 months old and just reminded me of how cute but hard newborns are! I have been feeling even more anxiety to get things in order!

Even though we all hate the word "nesting" it is real and I am in the "nesting phase". It's cool because it means the end is near and then I can sleep on my stomach again - yay!

I have been super bad at taking pictures lately and need to get better at that. I don't think I have any pregnant pictures of me and I didn't take any of this fun weekend.

Raf and Amberly came from No. Utah to visit and we had so much fun chatting late into the night both nights they were here. We hit 5 houses in the Parade of Homes and most of them were just amazing! One of the homes was just down the road from us (we live in the small house in the huge house neighborhood) and the traffic was awful for 2 weeks! In that home is a 20 foot deep basement with all the fun sport things (basket ball court, gym, rock climbing wall, putting green and even a racquetball court! They had 2 racquets and a ball out so Tim and Raf got to play a quick game!)

Our kids played really well together- their oldest son is just younger than Isaac and then they have their 3 month old. My older boys really like little kids and babies and they were delighted to have our guests visiting! Of course the best time was after 8pm when we put the kids to bed and hung out. Reminded us of the good old college days - before kids and when you could stay up as late as you wanted and just sleep in the next day. We stayed up late, but were all tired the next day when kids were up bright and early. I was kind of a grouchy mom today and am actually going to go to bed at 9pm tonight!

So, just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well, just busy organizing drawers and closets every chance I get! Once the baby is here I will be better at posting, I am sure. Things tend to slow down when I have a newborn.

How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?